Wuthering heights research paper outline

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Wuthering heights research paper outline

His ceaseless pursuit of Catherine, desperately trying to prove her choice of husband to be wrong, results in her descent into madness and death; however, in destroying Catherine, he destroys himself. This could be an example of Bronte revealing her beliefs as she scorned religion and here she is almost mocking it by suggesting that the Devil can be a romantic hero.

John Rivers; however, his character produces the opposite effect. Whereas Catherine cannot live without both halves of herself, St. Paradoxically, it is arguable that Heathcliff and Edgar represent nature and society, allowing Heathcliff to display the Byronic traits of outcast status and disliking rank.

Separation from society is even forced upon Heathcliff by the Earnshaws: Earnshaw, showing that he is never fully accepted into the family, robbing him of social status. Rochester demonstrates the opposite as he shuns his right to society at the beginning of the novel, imposing isolation upon himself and creating barriers by locking himself in his study.

A further Byronic trait manifested by the characters is mysterious pasts. These birds steal the nests of others, suggesting that Heathcliff has obtained a position that was not rightfully his and pushed others out in the process.

No explanation is given for his new wealth but due to newly-wealthy capitalists and industrialisation, money, rather than family, was quickly becoming the key to status. The layered structure of the narrative is such that it enhances the mystery, suggesting hidden depths of forgotten, or omitted, truth.

Finally, Byronic heroes were a common feature of the Romantic Movement to which both novels belong, a powerful force at the time with its belief that society placed corrupting restrictions.

He associates them with their relatives — Hindley, Edgar and Catherine — and their cruelty towards him, and this is why he persecutes them. If he had not been abused, he would perhaps not have grown into the abuser.

This can also be seen, yet not to such a destructive extent, in Rochester as his rejection of society could be blamed on his past bad experiences, particularly with Varens and Bertha, the former having abandoned him after being unfaithful and the latter having disgraced him with her descent into madness.

This is shown through the character of Rochester as it is arguable that he shows his true self at the end of the novel, when he is reunited with Jane and freed from the constraints of his marriage, with the names of his homes reflecting this change.

In Heathcliff, this good is harder to see, yet it can still be seen through his portrayal as the Devil. The Devil is believed by many Christians to be an angel who rebelled against God and was thus condemned to Hell, suggesting that Heathcliff was in fact originally good, with his rebellion against the class system being to blame for his downfall.

Overall, I believe that, through their characters, the Bronte were actually shedding the stereotypical view of the Byronic hero.

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Heathcliff and Rochester are portrayed as displaying all of the classic traits yet these appear to be simply a charade: The message really seems to be of their search for final peace, a peace which can only be achieved when they present their true selves:Day 1(*) Unit: Anglo-Saxon/Old English.

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ed2go Classes. This document перейти the property analysis wuthering heights chapter 15 . In this short summary of Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte, the crucial points pertaining to the plot structure are clearly illustrated and explained.

Wuthering heights research paper outline

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[tags: Wuthering Heights Essays] Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview. Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte - The storyline of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights displays and supports the significance of conflict in the world.

Based on the characters’ actions and their aftermaths, the reader can interpret the inevitability of.

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