Writing research interests statement

When you're on the job market, you might have to prepare several kinds of research statements: While all of these documents, or partial documents, need to address what you are researching, they are different genres that require you to situate your research within different contexts, portray your research in different scopes, and provide descriptions of your research in different lengths.

Writing research interests statement

A good statement of interest can be the difference between raking in the big bucks at a new job and scrounging along paycheck-to-paycheck at your old job.

The purpose of such a letter is to highlight pieces of your experience that make you the absolute best candidate for the job. When you write a statement of interest for a job, you should emphasize attributes that let would-be employers know you are not only a great applicant, but also a perfect fit for their company.

According to professor of technical communication Paul V. Because your statement of interest will complement your resume or curriculum vitae, you should expand on or highlight specific experiences you believe will provide an excellent argument for your employability.

For example, something as simple as a participation ribbon might show dedication and commitment to an activity about which you were initially skeptical.

In the end, I was able to overcome my fear through dedication and grit, and I am proud to say I have a letter proving I did indeed jump out of a plane that was 5, feet in the air!

writing research interests statement

This shows your ability to identify the needs the company is searching for beyond the limited text they provide in the job description.

You might reuse some of the language they use in a job flier or a corporate website. Anderson About the Author Samuel Hamilton has been writing since A powerful research interest statement reflects the quality of you as an applicant, and that’s why it is important to know some rules on how to write it.

field and your potential research interests. An interesting, well-written, and polished personal statement represents the confident, intelligent, and grounded professional you will become. Writing a statement of academic research interest Your ‘statement of research interests’ contains a proposal for future academic research and shows how that builds on .

Applications for faculty positions consist of 1. A cover letter 2. A resume 3. A Research Statement 4. A Teaching Statement 5. A list of potential referees, with contact details, if requested. letter is a kind of persuasive writing (persuading a hiring committee to include you on a list of candidates.

Interest statements are however completely different from the statement of interests. In this case, the document is a bill stating your pending/paid mortgages and the . How to Write a Winning Personal Statement for Graduate and Professional School by Richard J.

Stelzer. Stelzer offers concise yet informative suggestions for crafting a statement. At the back of the book is a survey that should help you get started writing.

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