Write a html program using frames in java

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Write a html program using frames in java

Examples and practices described in this page don't take advantage of improvements introduced in later releases. The size of the frame includes any area designated for the border. The dimensions of the border area may be obtained using the getInsets method.

write a html program using frames in java

A frame, implemented as an instance of the JFrame class, is a window that has decorations such as a border, a title, and supports button components that close or iconify the window.

Applications with a GUI usually include at least one frame. Applets sometimes use frames, as well. To make a window that appears within another window, use an internal frame. Here is a picture of the extremely plain window created by the FrameDemo demonstration application.

You can find the source code in FrameDemo. The following FrameDemo code shows how to create and set up a frame. What happens when the frame closes? Create components and put them in the frame. The first line of code creates a frame using a constructor that lets you set the frame title.

The other frequently used JFrame constructor is the no-argument constructor. Next the code specifies what happens when your user closes the frame. This behavior is appropriate for this program because the program has only one frame, and closing the frame makes the program useless.

See Responding to Window-Closing Events for more information. The next bit of code adds a blank label to the frame content pane. If you're not already familiar with content panes and how to add components to them, please read Adding Components to the Content Pane. For frames that have menus, you'd typically add the menu bar to the frame here using the setJMenuBar method.

See How to Use Menus for details. The pack method sizes the frame so that all its contents are at or above their preferred sizes. An alternative to pack is to establish a frame size explicitly by calling setSize or setBounds which also sets the frame location. In general, using pack is preferable to calling setSize, since pack leaves the frame layout manager in charge of the frame size, and layout managers are good at adjusting to platform dependencies and other factors that affect component size.

This example does not set the frame location, but it is easy to do so using either the setLocationRelativeTo or setLocation method. For example, the following code centers a frame onscreen: Sometimes you might see the show method used instead. The two usages are equivalent, but we use setVisible true for consistency's sake.

Specifying Window Decorations By default, window decorations are supplied by the native window system. However, you can request that the look-and-feel provide the decorations for a frame. You can also specify that the frame have no window decorations at all, a feature that can be used on its own, or to provide your own decorations, or with full-screen exclusive mode.

Besides specifying who provides the window decorations, you can also specify which icon is used to represent the window. Exactly how this icon is used depends on the window system or look and feel that provides the window decorations. If the window system supports minimization, then the icon is used to represent the minimized window.

Most window systems or look and feels also display the icon in the window decorations. A typical icon size is 16x16 pixels, but some window systems use other sizes.This Java AWT program useful to perform calculator operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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