Workforce demography

Military Veterans at Microsoft Vietnamese at Microsoft Visually Impaired Persons at Microsoft Working Parents at Microsoft Our culture is continuously evolving, and we are optimistic about both the future of our company and the environment our employees and leaders are creating.

Workforce demography

An example of a demographic collected in human resources is gender, which may include all employees within a particular job, e. Other demographics include age, length of service and educational level. Demographic data is helpful with respect to HR planning and, more specifically, succession planning.

For example, if the average age of current supervisory staff is 60, it is likely that staff will begin retiring. It makes sense to initiate learning and development opportunities to enable younger staff to successfully compete for supervisory positions.

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Another example is using demographic information to determine outreach programs for staffing. If the community demographic profile indicates a significant proportion of aboriginal families, and you currently have very few aboriginal employees, it would be helpful to target aboriginal job seekers.

Human resources metrics track measurements to determine the value and effectiveness of HR strategies. Examples include — turnover, time to hire, sick leave usage, cost of hiring, cost of training, productivity and benefit cost.

What You Can Learn from Demographics Succession planning What would you do in your organization if a key employee resigned, fell ill or had to be fired tomorrow?

Would you be prepared?

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Succession planning is not an issue that many organizations address in any systematic way. Because many organizations are small with fewer than 10 employees and might be facing other organizational challenges, thinking about who the next executive director might be or what would happen if the director of finance suddenly left is not high on their priority list.

There are many reasons why organizations need to be thinking about succession planning. We need to think about what would happen to those services or our ability to fulfill our mission if a key staff member left. Another reason to focus on succession planning is the changing realities of workplaces.

Workforce demography

The impending retirement of the baby boomers is expected to have a major impact on workforce capacity. Teresa Howe in "Succession Planning and Management" identified other emerging realities about the workforce in Canada: Vacancies in senior or key positions are occurring in numerous organizations simultaneously and demographics indicate there are statistically fewer people available to fill them.

Workforce demography

Baby boomer retirements are on the rise just at the time when the economy is growing and increasing the demand for senior management expertise. There is no emerging group of potential employees on the horizon as in past generations i.

Many organizations eliminated middle manager positions during restructuring in the s and 90s and no longer have this group as a source to fill senior level vacancies.Workforce Demographics The resources in this dataset contain demographic information for the Oklahoma state government workforce.

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The resources present data from the current fiscal year along with demographic trends over time. Heterogeneity and diversity have replaced the homogeneous workforce that pervaded before. The generations working together today that are relevant for the purpose of our study are: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y, or the so-called Millennials.

Workforce demographics At U.S. Bank, we draw strength from diversity. Our employees’ varied backgrounds and life experiences, willingness to collaborate and bring their full selves to work – that openness is what keeps us competitive, and makes U.S.

Bank a great place to work. Workforce Demographics, Metrics and Succession Planning Merriam-Webster defines “demographics” as the statistical characteristics of human populations such as age or income. An example of a demographic collected in human resources is gender, which may include all employees within a particular job, e.g.

Our workforce The demographics of our workforce will continue to serve as one measure of our progress toward a more diverse and inclusive Microsoft, . total nih workforce demographics for fiscal year (As of March 31, ) The Total National Institutes of Health (NIH) Workforce Demographics for second quarter fiscal year data was downloaded from the nVision Human Resources Database on April 19,

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