Women are unfairly treated by their male bosses in the workplace

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Women are unfairly treated by their male bosses in the workplace

Back to Table of Contents Back to Table of Contents Work is a major subject of the book of Deuteronomy, and prominent topics include the following: The meaning and value of work.

The importance of good relationships, the development of dignity and respect for others, and the requirement not to harm others or speak unjustly of them in our work.

The wise exercise of leadership and authority, succession planning and training, and the responsibility of leaders to work for the benefit of the people they lead. The requirement to work, the importance of rest, and the invitation to trust God to provide for us whether at work or at rest.

Jesus quoted from Deuteronomy at length. In fact, his first Scripture quotations were three passages from Deuteronomy Matt. The New Testament refers to Deuteronomy more than fifty times, a number exceeded only by Psalms and Isaiah. When people worship the Lord alone, good governance, productive work, ethical commerce, civic good, and fair treatment for all will generally result.

When people put other motivations, values, and concerns ahead of God, work and life come to grief. Deuteronomy covers the same material as the other books of the law—Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers—but heightens the attention paid to work, most notably in the Ten Commandments.

Perhaps in some sense this foreshadows the growing attention that Christians are giving work in the present day.

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Zondervan, Two sections—about violating trust in God by rebellion and complacency, respectively—are particularly important to the theology of work.

God had brought Israel out of slavery in Egypt, given the law at Mt.

Women are unfairly treated by their male bosses in the workplace

Horeb Sinaiand brought the people swiftly to the borders of the promised land Deut. According to the book of Numbers, God asks Moses to send out spies to survey the land he is giving to the Israelites, and Moses obeys Numbers But other Israelites use this reconnaissance mission as a chance to disobey God.

They ask Moses to send out spies so they can stall the military action that God commanded. When the spies return with a favorable report, the Israelites still refuse to go Deuteronomy 1: Even though Moses assures the people that God will fight for them just as he did in Egypt, they do not trust God to fulfill his promises Deut.

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Fear leads to disobedience which leads to severe punishment. Because of this disobedience, the Israelites living at the time are barred from entering the promised land.

The only exceptions are Caleb and Joshua, the only members of the scouting expedition who encouraged the Israelites to obey God's command Numbers Moses himself is barred from entering the land due to a different act of disobedience.

Instead Moses strikes the rock twice with his staff.Sep 02,  · Women Still Feel Like They're Not Treated Fairly At Work. Several companies have taken steps recently to change their workplace policies to improve gender equity. Women Still Feel Like. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality initiativeblog.com specific problem is: Layout Please help improve this article if you can.

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Here’s what male bosses really think about managing female employees. By Alex Laughlin. In Pay Up, we hear from a lot of women about the challenges they face in the tech industry, but we talk so. Chris is a single guy in his early thirties, finishing up his degree. His desk is closest to mine, and we’ve become friendly through conversations about books, movies, television, etc.

Women are unfairly treated by their male bosses in the workplace
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