The virginia plan essay

Those with sufficient foresight saw this with ease, and were looking for a way to produce a national government that would be more than the virtually powerless government the United States currently had. So it was in September that a conference was called to discuss the state of commerce in the fledgling nation.

The virginia plan essay

Sample Essay Many delegates also felt that congress did not have the authority to completely scrap the Articles of the Confederation.

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Virginia proposed a plan which would allow the creation of a bicameral legislature. According to this plan members of the upper and lower house would be elevated according to the population of each state. Smaller states felt however they would not be adequately represented and the New Jersey plan was presented which offered an equal number of seats to all states regardless of population.

A compromise was reached which would grant the Virginia plan a place in the lower house while the New Jersey plan would be used in the upper house. This was known as the great compromise and created the United States Senate and the House of Representatives after eleven days of voting Encarta.

Compare and contrast the Virginia and New Jersey plans, and show how they led to the Great Compromise. Virginia plan- It called for a strong national government, and a strong national union that would be divided between three branches. The Virginia Plan was created by James Madison but presented to the Constitutional Convention by Edmund Randolph, the governor of Virginia, in This was a proposal for a new form of. Essay title: Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan what were the major aspects of the virginia plan, and what were the major aspects of the new jersy plan? the compromise of these two plans enable the constitution to be ratified by the states. explain?/5(1).

Thus, it was eventually decided that all states would have an equal say in all parts of the government and representatives of states would be seated in the House of Representatives. The president would have command of the military and could appoint federal officials.

A single supreme court would be created, with congress having control over the lower federal courts for each state. The issue of slavery however was not resolved and it was decided that it would not be debated again for 20 years Encarta.

The virginia plan essay

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Philadelphia – The end of May saw the Convention responding to the Virginia delegation’s bold Virginians had proposed replacing the Articles of Confederation – a task far beyond what many Convention delegates thought they were authorized to do – with a powerful national government.

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The Federalist Papers. During and , there were 85 essays published in several New York State newspapers, designed to convince New York and Virginia voters to ratify the Constitution.

The plan I present to you today was actually not written by me, but rather our Honorable James Madison, however due to my unique position as the governor of Virginia they have asked that I present this plan.

Plan,” alternately called “The New Jersey Plan” or “The Paterson Plan,” proposed on June 15, The document was a response to the Virginia Plan, which .

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