The importance of the issue of nitrate contamination of groundwater

Pollutant and Greenhouse gas An air pollutant is a material in the air that can have adverse effects on humans and the ecosystem.

The importance of the issue of nitrate contamination of groundwater

It appears that the amounts of inks used to print electronics might pose a threat to the environment even at low weight concentrations.

It was found that the nickel ink used could have a potential environmental impact if landfilled in large quantities.

Another study suggested that the major groundwater pollution problems in Africa, considering the order of importance are: (1) nitrate pollution, (2) pathogenic agents, (3) organic pollution, (4) salinization, and (5) acid mine drainage. » News and Events | As National Prescription Drug Take Back Day approaches this weekend (April 28), NGWA thought it was a great opportunity to use this month’s tip sheet to stress the importance of groundwater protection and water testing for private well owners. The biotransformation of vinyl chloride and chlorinated alkanes such as 1,2-DCA and 1,1,2-TCA is well documented. As a pure phase, these compounds are dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) with high solubility in relation to current environmental standards.

However, due to the low weight ratio in this experiment, it is believed that more research should be conducted to fully evaluate these inks. Poultry waste can be reused as manure for crop production, instead of being dumped on the farm, causing environmental pollution.

Poor soil fertility, availability and affordability of inorganic fertilizer have been identified as major constraints to groundnut production, which plays an important role in the diets of rural populations in developing countries.


This work was therefore undertaken to determine the best poultry manure rates in three groundnut varieties under irrigation. To achieve this objective, field trial was conducted at the Irrigation Research Station of the Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University Kadawa located in the Sudan savanna ecological zone of Nigeria, during the dry season.

The importance of the issue of nitrate contamination of groundwater

The treatments consisted of six levels of poultry manure and three varieties of groundnut. The treatments were laid out in a randomized complete block design replicated three times. The results from the study revealed that application of 1. This study has established that poultry waste can be reused as fertilizer for groundnut production.

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Therefore, the use of 1. EC service delivery performance was measured by outcome against pre-set targets, rather than a process based system. The partnership began in June News releases, reports, and other documents from around EPA that are of interest or direct importance to the environmental management or compliance efforts of the agricultural community.

Reduction and oxidation measurements create important data for analysis of wet soils.

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These measurements are actually recordings of voltage (EH) over time between a reference electrode and a sensor electrode inserted into a soil.

The sensor electrodes are usually made of . PREFACE Water Matters: research with a view to a practical application. In front of you is the seventh edition of Water Matters, the knowledge magazine of the journal H 2 O. You will find ten articles about a variety of subjects, written by Dutch water professionals on the basis of thorough research.

Air pollution occurs when harmful or excessive quantities of substances including gases, particulates, and biological molecules are introduced into Earth's may cause diseases, allergies and even death to humans; it may also cause harm to other living organisms such as animals and food crops, and may damage the natural or built environment.

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Nov 08,  · California’s enormous cache of underground water is a great natural resource and has contributed to the state becoming the nation’s top agricultural producer and leader in high-tech industries. Groundwater Pollution: Importance, Issues and Opportunities in Asia Dr.

Sangam Shrestha contamination, so untreated groundwater is usually cleaner Groundwater Nitrate Global map with the presence of zones with high nitrate in groundwater (source: IGRAC, ).

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