The business management of skylark hotel tourism essay

The Mission Statement will communicate its objective to its employees, customers, suppliers and communities. The mission statement will need to be accurate and reflect the organisation objectives and values for both profit and none profit organisation.

The business management of skylark hotel tourism essay

Uniqueness how different our hotel name is really as compared to other names. This means that the name chosen need to be distinctive and it is not really a duplicate of other businesses. Meaningful choosing a name that includes a special so this means tagged along with it and is able to represent the eyesight and mission of our own hotel.

Number of votes how many of our group associates favoured the name of the hotel We have chosen Skylark as the hotel name because it is considered to be unique.

Furthermore, it is considered as meaningful as the task sky represents the positioning of the business enterprise which is surrounded naturally. Also, it has triumphed in one of the highest numbers of votes by our group members.

Fundamentals of planning Strategic planning Strategic planning is performed by top management where long-term goals are founded and available resources are identified. The owner, standard manager, assistant basic manager and citizen manager will hook up monthly to review the hotel's improvement and check if the long-term goals are possible.

They'll also be in charge of the changing or preserving the overall direction of the hotel and they will look into ways to handle the highly competitive hotel industry. Tactical planning Tactical planning will be done by the professionals under the control of the most notable management.

They will be responsible for putting into action the policies made by the top professionals. Also, they are in charge of the managers under their ability. Also, in Skylark hotel, these professionals will act as middlemen between first-line management and the very best management.

This means that these professionals have to mention the problems the first-line professionals face to the most notable management if they cannot solve it. Operational planning The professionals in this section are known as first-line professionals.

They are accountable for carrying out daily responsibilities and motivating employees. They are also responsible to solve problems with respect to the employees. Organisational Environment Internal Stakeholders The internal stakeholders in our company include employees from a variety of races and years and genders, an owner, in addition to a panel of directors.

External Stakeholders The external stakeholders of the hotel consists of the task and standard environment. Task Environment Customers The most important of most is our esteemed customers, both local and foreigners which will help enhance our business as they are the key sources of the income.

Without the presence of the clients, it will then be impossible for us to make any income. Our targeted demographic are family members. Thus, this points out why we many facilities which allow them to bond alongside one another as a family group.

Quality of Services Location Attractive Rates - Discount and offer Environment - Quiet and welcoming colour shades, furniture and employees Suppliers As for food and beverages, our main provider is Pines Catering. External suppliers are also required to provide raw materials for our engineering and furniture.

For development, our supplier is Pluspoint Top Global while for fixtures; our company is Aceman Reconstruction and Trading.

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Competitor As for our main competition, they are the nearby hotels that happen to be Hotel World Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands and Fragrance Hotel Admiral which may negatively have an effect on our earnings.

Our main competitor is Resort World Sentosa. Besides providing accommodation, they offer numerous vacation packages for the friends.

An illustration is the 3D2N Ultimate Fun Package deal where they get moves to Universal Studios Singapore and the as complimentary refreshments when they first arrived at the hotel. Marina Bay Sands is also another opponent of the hotel.

Aside from the common amenities for the friends, Marina Bay Sands also provide golf course for his or her customers.

Thus, the packages that our rivals promote aggressively will indirectly influence us as this will certainly reduce the number of guests inside our hotel. Our hotel may resort to developing similar or even better packages to get more customers.

Vision Statement:

Media By developing a close romance with the multimedia, our hotel can secure identification faster. Joining pushes together with travel firms, our business will prosper as it can help our hotel to gain reputation. Other stakeholders included the eye groups, the federal government, lenders and unions.

General Environment The standard environment comprises many external forces which are largely beyond the control of our hotel. Economic forces General economic movements happening world-wide make a difference our hotel's profits credited to a better or weaker dollars value.

Thus, we need to ensure our hotel should demand sensible rates to customers in order to maintain our competitiveness even during a recession.

This allows us to draw in more customers. Socio ethnical forces As Singapore is a multicultural country, our hotel would have to respect and be mindful of the various routines and deep-seated beliefs of the different races and religions.

Technological forces Our hotel has pertained technology by adapting to the advancements of technology insurance agencies our personal website, Facebook page and Twitter accounts.Software Name: Hotel Management System Defined With Inntegrity |Escape the limitations of a restrictive system | | | |Enter the realm of a truly flexible Hotel Property Management System!

| |CSS has been developing Hospitality Management Systems for three decades. Michael Porter: Impact of Strategic Management Theory The field of strategic management is complex and multi-faceted. Strategic management has been defined in many different ways.

Business Name: Skylark hotel. Business Location: Stadium Boulevard, 52 Stadium Road () hotel location macro. PNG. Business Objectives: Skylark's aim is to take care of all friends as prestigious people of the hotel, by using dedicated staff to focus on the guests' needs and needs throughout their stay.

Business Management - Business Tourism. Ecoturism Business: Sustainability and Tourism Essay - In Twenty-First Century, pollution is a big issue in over the world so people are carefully pay more their attention on protecting the environment than ever.

• Key sectors of the industry: hotels, restaurants, resorts, attractions.

The business management of skylark hotel tourism essay

• Hospitality and tourism products including tangible and intangible elements, accommodation away from home, food and beverages, experiences including the concept of the service encounter. Strategic Management In The Tourism Industry First part of the assignment will be looking at the concepts, processes and practices in strategic management in the tourism industry.

The second part will be focused on the case study review data of a strategic nature, related to Classic Airlines in order to design and justify innovative solutions to their issues.

The Business Management Of Skylark Hotel Travel and leisure Essay