Population growth main cause of poverty and illiteracy

Poverty and population growth: Due to the length of the chapter, it has been split into sub pages on this site. Let's try to understand why, by looking at our own demographic history.

Population growth main cause of poverty and illiteracy

An illiterate is equal to a handicapped person who is unfamiliar with his surroundings and is unable to perform day to day activities like driving due to his inability to read and understand traffic symbols. The factors causing illiteracy vary from region to region, such as wealth and globalization.

One important factor that causes illiteracy in countries is the social issue of women education. The reason behind the progress of developing countries can be solely credited to women literacy.

More literacy means more knowledgeable and skilled people in a country which is normally termed as human capital.

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Nations such as Afghanistan, Niger, Guinea, Benin, Somalia, have both low literacy and development rates as compared to other developed and strong economies. It is hard to understand whether issues like child labour and population growth are consequences of illiteracy or the other way round.

Whatever may be the case, this is a vicious cycle, all interlinked, hence all out war against one will disrupt the chain. Thus it is imperative that we liberate ourselves from these shackles of poverty and ignorance, we have to get out of this vicious circle.

We all are aware that illiteracy is the root cause of all, preventing cultural growth of people. As a matter of fact, illiteracy in our country is going on a rapid scale. It is also not a case that is not being handled; numerous international organizations are working to resolve this issue.

However we try to tinker away the problem instead thoroughly removing it. We created experiments, yes we did. To encourage more involvement from communities measures were adopted both in the government level along with community level; these measures included free teaching sessions, educational seminars, programs and workshops conducted by different organizations.

Leadership opportunities were given introduced to create a more aware youth, fellowship and internships etc. The main reason why these programs and initiatives fail is the lack of awareness especially among the people living in rural areas, corruption issues instead of utilizing the money for building schools and colleges in the region.

Also the government works on a prehistoric and miscalculated model rather than analyzing the situation properly and generating local skilled employment within people. People are then forced to learn the things that they are least interested, hindering their ability of overall development.

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People should be allowed to choose the skills that they are good at and then depending upon their skills teaching programs should be conducted. To ensure a corruption free working the funds donated by the government should be kept under constant watch by vigilance departments.

Thus keeping a check will ensure a clean track for development. Proper screening should be done from construction to management of the educational organizations. It is very unfortunate that a growing developing India has million illiterates, mostly aging seven years and above, as per the census.

Spreading the message and importance of literacy in approximatelyvillages in India is a difficult task.

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It is surprising that two thirds of those illiterate are women. If the children dropout from the school early, their minds will involve in criminal wrong doings. High illiteracy rates especially in the rural India are a backlog of Indian education system which cannot be overlooked.

There is a high rise in dropouts along with poor enrolment contributing to the rise in illiteracy. Kerala, s rural state of Southern India broke all barriers of illiteracy and emerged as a state with most literacy state and serves as a model to all wealthier states in India.

Illiteracy is literally drowning our society. This sinner illiteracy is the root cause of growing crimes and bogus superstitions and rituals especially in the rural areas. The major issue that has gripped India is the growing population.

Girls run two families, theirs and their husbands, with them educated not only ensure a better future for the families also moulds the society in a better manner. Without them none can exist.

To overcome the issue of illiteracy, it is imperative that we first mould ourselves.

Population growth main cause of poverty and illiteracy

Choose those leaders that have a knowhow of development and are educated so that they can ensure a better environment with education and understands the true meaning of education, rather than the one who signs check and supports financially.

The chosen leader should be educated and self disciplined. To bring proper education for the nation building process education for all is must. Primary education should be made compulsory for students all over the nation. They can be offered with a special regional language selection in their respective states, and a compulsory language such as our national language Hindi, and main communication language English.According to Karl Marx, population growth is a symptom rather than the cause of poverty, resource depletion, pollution and other social ills.

He believed that social exploitation and oppression of the less privileged people leads to poverty, overcrowding, unemployment, environmental degradation that in turn, causes over population. Poverty and Illiteracy: Another factor for the rapid growth of population is poverty. Impoverished families have this notion that more the number of members in the family, more will be the numbers.

Illiteracy affects all areas of life. Those with low literacy skills are far more likely to live in poverty, face health problems because they can’t read prescription labels or instructions, and grow isolated in a world increasingly dependent on computers.

A: Causes of poverty in India include lack or resources, high levels of illiteracy, high population growth and caste system. Other factors may include large f Other factors may include large f Full Answer >. Module 2 Illiteracy, Poverty, Unemployment and Population Growth Lecture 11 Unemployment in India: Features, Types, Causes and Consequences Rapid Population Growth: It is the leading cause of unemployment in Rural India.

In India, particularly in rural areas, the population is increasing rapidly. Its main aim is to acquire certificated. Poverty and the lack of access to education leads to higher birthrates and overpopulation.

(USAID) “Where rapid population growth far outpaces economic development, countries will have a difficult time investing in the human capital needed to secure the well-being of its people and to stimulate further economic growth.

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