Optical distortion inc case study

Their job involves overseeing employees, production and efficiency, to make sure the plant is running smoothly, quickly, efficiently and safely. In terms of the core tasks of manufacturing management, running a plant that makes replacement windows is no different from running a plant that makes outdoor furniture. The tasks of managing a manufacturing facility are the same and dont depends too much on the products which are made.

Optical distortion inc case study

Home Essays Optical Distortion Inc. ODI markets lenses that distort the vision of chickens. These lenses are used instead of debeaking. Lensed chickens are more likely to survive from cannibalism among the chickens.

The lenses are also supposed to reduce the amount of feed per chicken per day than that for debeaked chickens. Using lenses do not lead to any trauma among chickens and therefore do not affect their egg laying capacity.

The objective of the case is to present a financial and marketing analysis of ODI with an inside view.

ODI Discussion/Analysis Questions

We will write a custom essay sample on Optical Distortion Inc. They have determined that it is profitable to sell lenses in those farms which have a chicken flock of more than The market consists of three segments- large, medium and small farms.

ODI considered it feasible to sell lenses to the medium and large farms. Since there is lack of awareness about the product, it is very difficult to convince the poultry farmers to buy the lenses.

So how these lenses should be marketed in order to not only recover the costs incurred but also to carry out the Research and Development so as to face the competition in the near future. We compared the number of chickens in California and South Atlantic and found that the number of chickens in South Atlantic was greater than that of California by The losses increase with increase in the percentage of market penetration.

Media based advertising driven: Advertising through print and electronic media is one of the best ways to create awareness about a new product and tell the consumers about its features and benefits.

It is one of the BTL marketing strategy in which the people are hired to go to the individual consumers and make them aware about the utility of the product. Since the contact lenses for chicken is a very new and unconventional product, it is very hard to convince the consumers about its benefits only through advertising by using media.

There has to be salespersons involved so as to not only create awareness about the product but also convince farmers about its benefits and getting them to buy the product.

Optical distortion inc case study

So, sales driven marketing strategy is the best one to use for this product.Finland and Nokia- Creating the world’s most competitive Economy Optical Distortion,Inc Case Study Solution. Things to be done for the case: Break even Analysis; Economic Value; Market Share and Market Year Plan 1 DeMarketing.

Demarketing What is De marketing? By definition, demarketing is an attempt made to reduce the demand of. initiativeblog.com is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Optical distortion inc case study

Optical distortions, Inc. case Essay. Optical Distortion, Inc - Optical distortions, Inc.

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case Essay introduction. case Daniel Garrison, the president and CEO of Optical Distortion, is thinking about to bring the new and only product, a contact lens for chickens, to the markets. OPTICAL DISTORTION, INC.

CASEAlessandro MondaAndrea CirilloEmanuele GaspariniIgnazio Di BiasePietro MiglioriUlugbekKurbanov. ODI Discussion/Analysis Questions. 1) What characteristics of the ODI lens are likely to make it appealing/unappealing to farmers?

Appealing. debeaking causes problems of their own in terms of the trauma it causes hurts short term production (for a full week, only 1 egg lost by 5 months) and in the long term in feed is wasted.

Optical Distortion (aka the Chicken Contact Lenses Case) | 0. Optical Distortion, Inc. was formed to tackle this opportunity. The ODI case is a fascinating study of the gigantic opportunities that can be found in the least sexy parts of the economy.

It walks students through the early days of a small business going after a.

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