Identify the problems

Resources Review Injury Records Looking at your injury and illness data will help identify ergonomic problems. Reaching above the shoulder to load objects Source:

Identify the problems

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Identify and Define the Problem The first step in the problem solving and decision making process is to identify and define the problem. A problem can be regarded as a difference between the actual situation and the desired situation.

This means that in order to identify a problem the team must know where it is meant to be and have a clear understanding of where it currently is in relation to the perceived problem. In order to clearly define the problem the following steps can Identify the problems followed: Agree with the team where the team should be Describe and document the problem Agree with the team where the team should be The Team Purpose, the Team Performance Plan and the Operational Plan can be used to identify where the team should be.

If an organised and structured planning process has been followed then the desired position and performance of the team should be clear. However, when a problem arises it is always worthwhile to involve the team members in identifying and understanding the gap between the actual situation and the desired situation.

This helps to ensure that all team members understand that a problem exists and that they are an integral part in rectifying the situation. Describe and document the problem In this step it is important to clearly describe and document what you and the team consider the problem to be.

This helps to ensure that agreement is reached as to the problem and provides a starting point for resolving the problem.

Describing the problem also ensures that any confusion about the problem is identified and resolved. A useful technique for describing the problem is to ask a number of questions which can help direct the team to actively think about the problem.

Some questions that can be usefully employed are: Why do you think there is a problem?Traceroute is a command-line tool included with Windows and other operating systems.

Along with the ping command, it’s an important tool for understanding Internet connection problems, including packet loss and high latency..

Identify the problems

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Identify and Define the Problem