How to write a vote of thanks speech

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How to write a vote of thanks speech

You have come from the East Coast and West Coast and many places in between. Many of you have spent a lot of time during this week helping Sherry and my families cope with this tragedy. On behalf of both our families, we thank you for your support and help. We will always remember your generosity.

If Doug were here, he would tell me to get on with it—so that we can get to the party after the service.

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You can already tell that he knew how to set priorities. Since he was such a fun-loving and musical guy, I thought that I would just hit of few of the many notes that he played—to try to give you a flavor of what those who were close to him experienced every day.

Doug was born a couple of months prematurely—about 15 minutes after I screeched the old VW into the Navy hospital parking lot in the middle of the night after a 20 mile drive, That pretty well set the stage for his life. Lots of excitement and spontaneity—and a few close calls.

He had eye trouble as a small child and it followed him into his school years. Since he was small in stature and wore thick glasses and had poor hand-eye coordination, he was often teased by his classmates—despite his intellectual prowess.

He chose to meet that problem head on— by becoming a successful high school wrestler. That sport needed neither large size nor good eyesight but needed dedication and discipline. They were not kids who normally went on to elite universities.

The members of that team were exceptionally smart guys. The next note I want to hit was about one of our discussions about his service in the Peace Corps in Swaziland before he went to Northwestern medical school. I know that some of those he served with are here today.

He taught science in a remote part of the country, living in a tin roofed hut without electricity or running water for a couple of years. He told me of some encounters with poisonous insects and other fauna that curled my hair.

One award was very special. I think his popularity with patients was based upon his ability to empathize with the human condition. He continued to volunteer as an Infectious disease attending Physician until this week just because he loved clinical work and helping both patients and younger doctors.

And I know he was a damn good doctor. I continue to measure others against him. None have yet reached his level.

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The article also quoted Sherry as saying that he was the smartest scientist she had ever met. There is a lot more I could talk about. He loved music in every form, listening, performing, and collecting.

As a sax player, he made up for some lack of technical skill with great enthusiasm. As a mandolin player, he always made me think of my father, who was the last man I knew who played that instrument.

how to write a vote of thanks speech

But the final and highest note I want to hit is about his love of family. It is the most important note of all. He was a dedicated and loving husband to Sherry and father to Natalie and Gina. He loved them all above everything else and really dedicated his life to the three of them.

His sisters Michele and Leslie always regale me with stories about Uncle Dougie. The three siblings have always remained very close to each other. I know that is true since my youngest, Leslie clearly had a strong relationship with him very early. When he was with kids, he was just one of them—no matter what age they were—he morphed into that age.

In my condo building, there are restrictions on pool use by children. When he was in the pool with Natalie and Gina, I was never worried about them but I often feared that his effervescence would scare or at least disturb other residents.

Fortunately, Sherry always saved the day.VOTE OF THANKS “Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul” Every celebration is an experience, the external fades away, and the internal lingers. Crafting the Perfect Acceptance Speech Lead The Academy Awards are a good reminder to keep your thank-you speeches heartfelt, poignant, and--most of all--short.

Oppurtunity opens for Willingness and Ability: 18 Vote of Thanks Examples

The Joseph Funeral: Vote of Thanks. Posted on July 1, by Makozewe Leave a comment. The Joseph funeral. In this humble vote of thanks, I also wish to mention the family of Queen Johansson, the Otieno Owiyo family, the Manto family, the Silus Njuguna family, the Makan family, the Nancy Wandaka family, the Mama Lydia family, the Mama.

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Tweet Pin It. 5 Comments. Adi Laisa Vunitiko December 26, So that you can see the above template in action, here’s a short (humorous and fictional!) vote of thanks written using this very template: [INTRO] Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Rich Watts and it is my job this evening to give the vote of thanks.

Writing a vote of thanks speech