Aed safety

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Aed safety

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However, there are a number of safety aspects to consider when using an AED. Electricity will take the path of least resistance, so if there is water on the chest then the shock will travel through the water instead of the heart muscle.

Direct contact No one should touch the patient during delivery of the electrical shock by an AED. As the operator you should repeat this command and ensure everyone is clear of the patient.

It is important however to deliver the shock as quickly as possible, so do not spend excessive time on this. Explosive environment An AED is delivering an electrical shock. You should not use in AED in an explosive environment where there is a build up of flammable vapors.

Another consideration is the use of Oxygen by emergency medical staff.

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If Oxygen is being used, it should be at least 1 metre away from the AED and consideration should be given to the possibility of Oxygen building up in the atmosphere.

Chest hair The chest pads should be applied to bare skin. A razor is supplied so you can shave excessive chest hair. Once again, do not spend a long time on this!Welcome!

Aed safety

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Train. Preparedness is the first phase of the Emergency Management Cycle. Just like individuals and families must make preparations for potential dangers and threats, so too, disaster workers prepare by participating in training classes. **Now with FREE access to First Aid, CPR, and AED Interactive, Seventh Edition!

Why AEDs Are Important

This manual is developed for use within advanced first aid, CPR, and AED training courses offered through Emergency Care & Safety Institute. ~ Providing Funding to Empower America in Deploying these Critical Lifesaving Devices..

Aed safety

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