A biography of joseph raymond mccarthy

Republican hold In McCarthy assaulted journalist Drew Pearson in the cloakroom of a Washington club, reportedly kneeing him in the groin. McCarthy, who admitted the assault, claimed he merely "slapped" Pearson. The major journalistic media refused to print the story, and no notable McCarthy biographer has accepted the rumor as probable.

A biography of joseph raymond mccarthy

Because of his aggressive pursuit of communists, McCarthy came to symbolize the political extremism of the era. McCarthy was born in a log cabin in northeastern Wisconsinon November 14, He left school and the family farm at age fourteen to set up his own chicken farm, which he operated for five years.

When it failed, he managed a grocery store. At the age of twenty, McCarthy went back to high school and then worked his way through college. First elected office After earning a law degree inMcCarthy began practicing law.

Roosevelt —; served —45McCarthy became an outspoken champion of the New Deala set of programs and policies to promote economic recovery and social reform after the economic downturn of the Great Depression — Having caught the fever of politics, McCarthy decided to run for the office of district attorney.

He lost the election, but three years later he ran in an election for circuit judge and won. He was commissioned a lieutenant and assigned to an intelligence unit. He lost the election but immediately prepared for the Senate race, which he won in an unexpected victory.

He took his place in the Senate in Byhe had the reputation of an upstart and a troublemaker and had made many enemies in the Senate. Communists in the government InMcCarthy suddenly developed a concern about communist elements inside the United States.

Communism is an economic or social system in which work and property are shared by the whole society, and the state usually controls the economy. Americans at that time associated communism with the Soviet Union and China, both of which had authoritarian governments that repressed free expression and other civil liberties Americans valued.

They told him that the State Department had ignored the report; they hoped McCarthy would take the report to the public. Speech in Wheeling On February 9,in a speech to a group of Republican women in Wheeling, West VirginiaMcCarthy charged that communists were working in the State Department, shaping American foreign policy.

He claimed to have documentation to prove these charges. His speech immediately became front-page news. In a speech to the Senate on February 20, McCarthy said that there were eighty-one communists employed at the State Department.

McCARTHY, Joseph Raymond, a Senator from Wisconsin; born in Grand Chute, Outagamie County, Wis., November 14, ; attended a one-room country school; worked on a farm; at the age of nineteen moved to Manawa, Wis., and enrolled in a high school; while working in a grocery store and ushering at a theater in the evenings, . Joseph McCarthy Biography U.S. Representative (–) Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy charged that communists had infiltrated the U.S. State initiativeblog.com: Nov 14, Joseph Raymond McCarthy was a Republican U.S. Senator who represented Wisconsin for 10 years from to A highly ambitious politician he would go to any length to defame his opponents in order to gain an upper initiativeblog.com: Jean Kerr Mccarthy.

Oddly, though the hearings discredited him, they attracted widespread publicity and served to rally support for McCarthy.Joseph McCarthy Biography U.S. Representative (–) Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy charged that communists had infiltrated the U.S.

State initiativeblog.com: Nov 14, American National Biography; Dictionary of American Biography; The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law; Griffith, Robert. The Politics of Fear: Joseph R.

McCarthy and the Senate. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, ; Oshinsky, David. McCarthy, Joseph R. U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy testifies before a Senate subcomittee on elections and rules in an effort to link fellow U.S.

Sen. William Benton to communism. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Deutsch: Joseph Raymond McCarthy (* November in Grand Chute, Wisconsin; † 2. Mai in Bethesda, Maryland) war ein US-amerikanischer Politiker. Joseph McCarthy – A Biography Joseph Raymond “Joe” McCarthy was born November 14 th, on a farm in Grand Chute Wisconsin and was the fifth of nine .

Joseph Raymond McCarthy (November 14, – May 2, ) was an American politician who served as a Republican U.S.

A biography of joseph raymond mccarthy

Senator from the state of Wisconsin from until his death in

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